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Fire Cause Investigators - Fire Department Management & Operations Consultants - Court Qualified Expert Witness - Arson Investigation - Fire & Life Safety Code - Code Consulting Services - Executive Director National Code Services Ass. - Window Safety Code - Window fall prevention Consulting -
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James Mc Mullen Court Qualified Expert Witness & Arson Consulting Services specializing in fire origin investigation, fire and building code consulting, fire prevention and life safety as well as window safety and fire department operations.



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Window SafetyJames McMullen is a nationally recognized expert in Window Safety. He is currently a member of the National Safety Council’s Window Safety Task Force. He has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of window safety including fall safety, fire escape, security bars, window guards and window glazing.

Window fall prevention Consulting:

He contributed in the development of two ASTM standards F2090-01a and F2006-06 and served on the National Fire Protection Associations Security Bar and Home Security and Fire Safety Task Force. He also contributed to the development of UL Report 2326.

Mr. McMullen has lectured on several occasions on window safety and participated in code and regulatory changes relating to window safety.



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